Listening to music

Create unique moments

Your fans want to hear the music that you listen to. Whether it's a track that has inspired you or a melody you like to relax to, let your fans get closer with SWAY.
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You're in control

When you broadcast on SWAY, you are in complete control of when, how, and how long you broadcast.
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Connect with more fans

Quickly expand your reach worldwide and build your fan base via our innovative listener driven peer-to-peer sharing system.

Make money from your success

SWAY offers a variety of income opportunities, including merch and tickets. In addition, we provide direct sources of revenue as your fans begin to share your broadcast with the world.

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So, how does it work?

SWAY uses your personal streaming service whenever you listen to music.

Once you start broadcasting and people begin to tune-in, SWAY will use their streaming service to play your mix in sync with you!

Listeners can Amplify you to their friends for free. Fans and brands that like what you are playing can Amplify you further, promoting you to additional audiences. When they do this, you get paid, and we expand your broadcast range so more listeners can tune in.

SWAY for Artists and Influencers

Whether you want to broadcast to friends or fans or find new music -
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